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“Everybody can be greatbecause anybody can serve. You dont have to have a college degree to serve. You dont have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of girls in your community?

There are many ways to support Girls on the Run of Dane County.  Girls on the Run (3rd 5th grade) is held in both the spring and fall at sites across Dane County.  Girls on Track (6th 8th grade) is held during the spring season. The 10-week sessions culminate with the girls participating in a Girls on the Run 5K run. The fall season starts the first week in September. The final week of the season is the first week in November and ends with our culminating event: Girls on the Run 5K on Saturday November 8th!

Id like to volunteer as a coach:

  • Coach Summary
  • Coaches do not have to be runners!
  • Volunteer coaches work directly with the 3rd-5th grade girls in the Girls on the Run program by leading the girls through fun & active lessons while helping them prepare for the non-competitive 5K event at the end of the season!
  • Read what past coaches have said about their experience:

I was so pleasantly surprised by how insightful the girls were. It didnt matter what the lesson was, all the girls were always excited to share their experiences and opinions with the group. It was very touching to see how much the girls valued participating and likewise, how supportive teammates were of what everyone had to share!

Everyday was a blessing!

This has brought so much joy to myself. Not only has it been great learning experience for the girls but it has changed the way I think and feel about myself. As an adult and the way women are portrayed and looked at, this is a great way for us to come back to reality about ourselves and how we look/act.

Being a GOTR coach taught me that life doesnt always have to be taken so seriously.  I work in higher education, and spend a lot of time with young adults.  Each time I went to GOTR practice, I was able to be more light hearted, and the girls taught me to be comfortable with myself and just have some fun.  I will be back for a second year!


Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

Do coaches have to create lessons or is there an established curriculum?

Coaches do not create lessons. Coaches facilitate an easy-to-follow, well-researched, copyrighted curriculum that is used by all Girls on the Run councils throughout the United States and Canada.

Do coaches have to provide materials in order to lead the lessons?

Coaches do not provide materials necessary to deliver the GOTR curriculum. Each site is given a “Coach Box” provided by Girls on the Run of Dane county which contains all of the supplies necessary to deliver the curriculum.

Do coaches have to be runners? No, coaches do not have to be runners. A person who lives a healthy lifestyle and is committed to improving the lives of girls may serve as a coach.

When is the program offered and how long is the program?

Program seasons happen twice a year: Fall (September – November) and Spring (March – June). Each program season is 10 weeks long and we ask that coaches commit to all 10 weeks of the program. It is extremely important that the girls in our program have consistent, committed role models, who can volunteer their time for our entire 10 week season.

How many girls and coaches are in each group? There are 8-16 girls and 3-4 coaches in each group.

What days and times does the program meet? Each group meets twice a week for 90 minutes after school during the 10 week program season. The days they meet vary from group to group. Each group generally meets between the 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm time frame. Site practice days and times for the Fall 2014 season will be posted on our website in July.

Where does the program take place?

Our program takes places at various schools and community centers in Dane County. A list of our Fall 2014 program sites will be available in July.

What are the start and end dates for the Fall 2014 season?

Starts: The week of September 1st. Ends: The week of November 3rd the 8th. 5K: The Girls on the Run 5K will take place on Saturday, November 8th. The 5K begins at 10:00am at the Waunakee Village Center.

Can I bring my young child (non-GOTR participant) or family pet to GOTR practice?No. Not only is this a liability issue but, as a GOTR coach you will find that you will need to direct your undivided attention to the girls in order to appropriately deliver the curriculum as intended.

How do I become a coach? To become a coach, first please read through the Coach Summary. Then apply online: New Coach Application OR Returning Coach Application. New coaches are required to submit a background check and attend coach training.

What is the expected time commitment for coaches? During the program season, coaches should expect to volunteer an average of 4-6 hours per week. This includes: 3 hours of practice, time on-site before and after practice, commute to program site, curriculum preparation, as well as communication with coach team, girls’ families, and GOTR staff.

What are the requirements and responsibilities for coaches? Coach requirements and responsibilities can be found in the Coach Summary.

Will I be trained? Yes! New coaches are required to attend a half day training at our GOTR of Dane County headquarters at 901 Deming Way, Madison, WI 53717.  Fall coach training dates are:

Coach Training #1 Thursday July 31st

Coach Training #2 Saturday August 16th

CPR Training #1 Saturday August 9th

CPR Training #2 Tuesday August 19th

Coach recruitment for the Fall 2014 season is now open!!!

Click here to get started on your application 


Id like to run on race day:



  • Our 6th Annual Fall Girls on the Run 5k will be held at the Waunakee Village Center on Saturday, November 8th  at 10:00am.
  • Click Here to visit our race page