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Going outdoor sounds incredible. Everyone wants to cool off themselves and relax from all the daily routine life but little did we know that there are things that you are not aware of- while going outdoor. So here are few things you need to be ready for.

  • Pocket Swiss knife

This is Top most thing any traveler, an outdoor person would recommend. No matter where you are going. Swiss pocket knife is really handy but has the world greatest function in time of rescue. Number 1 favorite. You never know when you might need it.

  • Morning routine bag

Ask any famous traveler or a frequent traveler, they got a separate morning routine bag which contains conveniently sized brush, paste, soap etc. Because without any of those your packing is incomplete.

  • Camera

Oh you would not want to miss capturing the special moments forever. Carry your cameras or video recorders along with you and ensure they have enough memory and are properly charged. Don’t forget to carry along their charger kits as well. Better to have spare batteries then carrying the charger during camping as you might not find a socket in forest’s huh?

  • Mental Attitude

This is the most important thing you need to consider while outing. You might be going on lifetime adventure but you never know. So be mentally prepared for anything that comes your way. Perhaps a flat tire just an example. Consider it a part of the adventure and enjoy that moment. What’s an adventure if you curse the flat tire instead of enjoying it while changing it! Just to mention it out.

  • Clothes and Food

Carry comfortable and necessary clothes. You don’t want to cash out on clothes at least during travel. Coming on to food, don’t expect anything like home or hometown. You are in a whole out there, the water is going to taste different and the food is going to be cruel or blessing. Be prepared for the most exciting journey of your life.

  • Water Sport, Kayak, Paddle, Lifejacket

Kayaking is one of the fastest growing water activities these days its projected to grow another 30% by next year and everyone is trying to get their hands on the next best kayak. We cant give you all of the tips and tricks in a small article here but we can direct you to the people over at kayakerguide where you can find alot of great kayak tips and tricks.